Special Mix Platter (serves two people)  9.95
Selection of tandoori specialties, chicken, lamb,sheek kebab and lamb chops. Served on a bed of herbs and onions, brought to you sizzling

Deshi Pak   3.95
Spicy Chicken wings

Kolija Chats  3.95

Chicken kiver cooked with the finest chat massalas and fresh herbs, served with a crispy puree

Paneer Tikka 3.95
Fresh paneer marinated in exotic tandoori massalas cooked in the tandoor

Garlic King Prawns   5.50
Succulent king prawns cooked in garlic butter and herbs

Chicken Pakorahs  3.95
Succulent chicken breast pieces coated with Indian butter.

Salmon Tandoori   4.95
Pieces of salmon marinated in tandoori spices and soy sauce cooked in clay oven

Morich Bahaar   3.95
Mixed vegetables cooked in chat massalas and fresh herbs stuffed in a roasted pepper.

Mix Kebab    4.50 

Marinated chicken and lamb tikka served with a lamb minced sheek kebab

Chicken Tukri 3.95
Marinated chicken tikka cooked in t etandoori oven then brought to the pan and cooked in a special chilli sauce.

Podina Kebab  4.50

Chicken breast marinated in a selection of tandoori spices and lots of garden mint cooked together with onions, peppers and tomatoes.

Massala Fish   3.95
Mackeral fish fillets cooked in goan spices with fresh coriander on puree bread

Fish Kebab  4.20
Tasty tuna cooked in medium spices then made into kebabs, served with fresh salad

Chicken or Lamb Tikka   3.95
Marinated in yoghurt and fresh aromatic spices, cooked in a clay oven

Goan Crabs Puree   4.50 
Freshly cooked with garlic in medium herbs and spices served on a puree bread

Lamb Chops   4.50

Tender lamb chops marinated in very special spices cooked in Tandoori oven

Sheek Kebab    3.95 
Mixed lamb in fresh herbs and grilled in clay oven

King Prawn Puree   4.95

Large king prawns cooked in medium fresh spices served on a puree bread

Shami Kebab   3.95

Chicken or Lamb Chats  3.95

(v)  2.95

Onion Bhajee
(v)   2.95
Fresh onion battered and deep fried in mild spices

Prawn Puree   3.95

King Prawn Butterfly   4.95   
Large king prawns delicately spiced and deep fried in golden bread crumbs

Quarter Tandoori Chicken   3.95
Spring chicken marinated in herbs and spices, cooked in clay oven

Chot Poti
(V) N
Potatoes and chick peas in medium spices and fresh herbs, serves with boiled egg

Bombay Bash
N   19.95
Serves 4 persons
Selection of 8 different mini-starters including chicken, lamb, tiger prawns, vegetables and breads

(v) = suitable for vegetarians
N  -Dishes may contain nuts.